How to make a how to post

Internet is filled (actually brimming) of how to posts. People love them, and naively believe that they are going to help them with some shortcuts… That rarely works though.
What works is to make a guide filled of questions that guides your work. It’s not about getting a magical recipe that’ll make you get there faster. It’s about showing the strategy behind the tactics and provide them a list of questions that’ll make sure they get everything right (if that’s even possible.)
So, here it goes the only two points you should consider before you start making a how to post:

1. Are you providing the thinking behind the strategy?

2. Make a list of questions that will help them to get to the point, not tactics.

Most people would disagree with this post, saying whatever… in the end the how to posts we do are popular and get lots of traffic. Is that even an excuse to keep racing to the bottom to see which content is more popular? Being popular means racing to the middle of the curve. And it turns that it means making your product mediocre.
Is that the reason you do your work?
Or is it that your ego needs those visits and numbers to keep you going?
Far too often marketers say they do everything for their audience. But if that’d be true you’d tell them what they need to know, not what they want to hear, right?
There’s no map. And since in marketing there’s no recipe to success, you can’t give instructions to drive on a map that doesn’t work. The best how to posts are the ones that offers you, not a map, but questions to create your own road and get where you want to go.
How to posts are well-known to get tons of traffic, but if we leave popularity out of the table, most of them accomplish nothing. They’re just a false hope.
Great how to posts don’t show a map, but they give you the thinking behind the tactics to create yours.