Why I've stopped using Facebook and you should too

A few months ago I read a book called The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web Is Changing What We Read and How We Think, a must read to understand the digital world and its dirty secrets. It turned out that with it I faced the truth of social media… Platforms that weren’t created to make you happier, but to make the company’s money by selling you. And that’s only the beginning.
Well, I stopped using it a couple of months ago but I haven’t realized until today how such a small change have done a huge impact in my life.
I remember a few months before reading The Filter Bubble, I was somewhere in Bangkok reading the book Deep Work, and back then I started to see Facebook as a the stupid TV on the Internet.
Think about it. Facebook started as something that it seemed useful for the society, letting people communicate things that otherwise couldn’t in the past. But when I used it I noticed that I started to scroll the newsfeed and stopped paying attention to things. And that was where I knew I had to stop.
The moment of truth was when I was reading The Filter Bubble and I realized that using Facebook was actually killing my creativity. In one way or the other I was becoming dumber with it. And since I make my living by noticing things, killing my ability to see them was a bad deal for me. So I stopped.
By far one of my top decisions of this year. Because since I stopped using it, I’ve had dozens of great ideas and right now I’m doing my best work.
Is it difficult to stop using Facebook?
Well, it’s a matter of priorities. For me it was quite easy.
I made a list with my goals, and analyzed how Facebook was going to help me get there. Is it gonna help me make the change I seek to make? No
That was it. No more messing around with it.
You might find yourself with a rough-rough no, but… just kill it.
Right now I only use my Facebook pages, but they’re automated. No newsfeed, no temptations to put anything on your facebook’s wall. Nothing.
And the ideal would be to do that with almost any social media platform. But the most blatant is Facebook. It’s the worse one. Twitter is not as radical as Facebook, but I did sort of the same. Now it’s just a retweet of my blog.
Anyway, if you care about your creativity and productivity, consider stop using Facebook. Maybe you’ll get bored for a few days. But once you get bored, something interesting will come out.