Modern Marketing: What is it about?

When I read a book I really like the first thing I do is recommend it to a friend. (And that’s one of the reasons I’m starting a private reading list, but that’s another story.) What I do is, I go to Google, type the name of the book and get a link so I can share it. Then, after I’ve already read the book and recommended it to a friend, some marketer decides to spam me because I might be interested in buying it again… I know you’re nodding right now because it’s also happened to you. Alas, that’s only a part of the story.
The problem with these sort of things is that they’re commoditazing everything… Amateur marketers decide that, because they have some magical data, they have the right to spam you with ads.
Somehow, these players collect data from your Twitter account, your Facebook activity, what you say to your friends, what you buy with your credit card, your location… You go down the list. Then, they get a piece of data that puts you as a target to be spammed with ads.
That’s a race to see who’s the cheapest. (And be sure that marketers that do this sort of “marketing” will be replaced for a cheaper machine.)
Data is becoming cheaper and cheaper. I mean, they’re selling you, as a product, cheap. So they try to buy your attention as cheap as possible, because they can’t afford TV anymore.
The thing is, “marketers” that buys this sort of data are doing it because they have an average product for average people. And that’s a race only Walmart would win.
However, people that call themselves marketers shouldn’t be doing that. It might have worked in the past, but modern marketing is far away from there.
Modern marketing is sincere, empathetic, human and it’s all about earning trust and building connections. It’s when people are eager to hear your story and they’d miss you if you were gone.
Bernadette Jiwa just published a great post that matches with the main idea here:

The First Rule Of Standing Out:
If you want to stand out, do the thing that’s in short supply.
When everyone is fighting for attention, be the one who earns permission.
When everyone is looking for an angle, be the one who acts with integrity.
When everyone is chasing growth, be the one who deepens connection.
When everyone seeks scale, be the one who values loyalty.
When everyone takes shortcuts, be the one who cares.
The thing that’s scarce right now is sincerity in one form or another. We’re tired of tactics that manipulate as a means to someone else’s end. In the end we win by being the exception to the rule.

Good marketers are in short supply these days. We’re not here to sell and buy crappy data. We’re here to engage with humans and make something that would make people glad that they know us.
We should avoid the short-term game and don’t marketing a commoditized product or service you can buy at the nearest store.