Popular Vs. Best

What’s better being popular or being the best?
Most people would answer that by saying being the best. But the reality says that most people would choose to be popular.
Why’s that?
Well, being popular means that more people have seen your work. The goal is not to resonate with your readers, just to move the needle and get traction.
And here’s when marketers become narcissists.
Being the best is not the most desirable route. Because being the best means focusing on the early adopters and resonate with a small group of people.
It happens that almost in everything the best content is not the most popular. The best books are not the most popular ones. And the same happens with music, movies, and everything else.
In fact, I can tell you that my most popular posts are not the best ones.
My most popular post is 7 reasons to travel the world before starting a company. Lots of people have read it and I’m really proud of it.
But, is it the best one? Even though I love what I wrote is not the best post. But, it’s a broad topic, with a catchy headline, so it gets most people attention. On the other hand, I have really great posts that haven’t soared and most people haven’t read them.
What’s best then?
I think that doing work that you’re proud of is more important. In the end, if you do things based on popularity you’re aiming at the masses. That’s where you’re not gonna make change happen.
It turns out, when people want to be popular over being the best, they figure out that in order to make their work popular they have to lower the standards. And that’s a race you can’t win. Thus, as soon as you blind yourself with numbers you’re screwed.
Short-termitis aims to the masses. But if you want to build something that lasts, doing something remarkable is the best (and honorable) route to follow.