Remarkables Series 1/7: Make them want to hear from you

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The idea of Remarkables came to me a while ago with a post, where I used the term to describe people that do whatever is necessary to avoid mediocrity and fight to move things forward.
This week I’m going to release an idea a day. Seven ideas that will push you to rethink what you do.
My goal here is to help you to level up and make you aware that the story you tell yourself is up to you. In the end, you’re the hero of your story. You control the end game.
So here we go:
This is the (1/7) post on the Remarkables series.

Make them want to hear from you

As Seth Godin said in the Tim Ferriss Show, one of his top-five business decisions was to sell to people that want to buy what you sell. Which, if doesn’t work, usually ends up in two ways: (1) you’re selling to the wrong people or (2) you’re having the wrong approach/product.
Something that seems super obvious but it gets missed all the time.
As a Remarkable, you’ll find a bunch of bumps on the road. And it might take you some time before you figure out that, no matter how hard you try to sell your product, if they don’t want to hear from you, changing their mind is a difficult–impossible–task.
However, you can flip the omelette and make them come to you.
Every situation you encounter out there can be turned around. You’ve just got to understand the edges and find a way to make them come to you.
Although it might seem you don’t have too many choices, you have more power than you think.
Despite that doing something easy might work, is in the edges where you can find a way to do something bold and lead your change. If you stay in the middle of the curve you’re betting for mediocrity. Though it might help you is nothing you’d be proud of.
Focus on the edges of the curve and do some work that make people eager to hear from you.