Remarkables Series 3/7: Knowing when you're wrong is your best asset

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I’ve done a lot of projects in my life. Most of them failed, and I say that proudly, but only a few succeeded. Those ones succeeded because I started to noticed something… And that was knowing when I’m wrong.
A few years ago I started to work on an app as a side project. By far was one of my largest (in terms of time) failures, and that was because I was trying to convince myself that it’d work. And nobody could convinced me otherwise… Thus, of course it didn’t work.
Failing is overrated. Everybody talks about it. But what it’s interesting though, is that you can fail in short periods of time without risking a lot. You can work on small projects, try and fail, and move forward. Then, one day, one will payoff.
Now in hindsight, I see my failure on that project and I don’t regret it. Well, of course it’s painful that I wasted several months on it. But on the other hand, it taught me to notice when I’m wrong and do something about it.
In the end, denying reality never leads to a positive outcome.
We usually tend to find answers that prove we’re right. We do that by nature. However, being able to say, hey, I’m wrong with this‚ąílet’s move forward, gives you an asset that’s scarce. It’ll make you agile and will allow you to stick with the right stuff.
Alas, it’s easier said than done. You probably won’t be really good at knowing when you’re wrong. The good news is that, if you start noticing it today, a year from now you’ll be better than you’re right now.