Remarkables Series 5/7: Find your leverage

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Quite often, when you pursue people with your ideas and projects, they don’t care whether you succeed or not. And you end up questioning you, when it should be the opposite.
You’ve got to find your early adopters. People that want to hear from you and help to spread the word.
Focusing on the middle of the curve, or what is the same, focusing on people that don’t want to hear from you, it’s not only futile, it consumes your resources and energy, while you could be doing something else that would level you up.
Sometimes is difficult to let people go, but you’ve got to be aware that that’s the only way.
The rule is simple:
If they don’t get the joke, go someone else that does. Period.
Don’t waste your energy and patience with people that don’t want to hear from you.
Find somebody that pushes you downhill. Not somebody you’ve got to follow uphill. There’s a big difference.