Strategy, tactics and consistency

When things go wrong marketers tend to blame the tactics, when they should ask themselves whether their product is remarkable or not. Usually, if something doesn’t work it’s easy to blame the numbers or the medium. And it turns out that the solution is not to find a better product of make out lives better. It almost always it get translated into interrupting more people.
Consistency is key.

“Consistency breeds familiarity, familiarity breeds confidence, and confidence breeds sales.” ― Jay Conrad Levinson,

Far too often marketers think that the reason something failed was due to the strategy. It wasn’t good enough. Well, that’s never the reason.
Instead of changing your strategy and confuse your audience telling a different story, take a second look on your tactics.
It ends up that every time something doesn’t work, is because you haven’t done your homework choosing the right tactics.
Consistency is key. Sometimes it takes years before the strategy pays off. (Specially with blogs.)
Keep your strategy but change your tactic approach. Thus, your audience will still have a clear idea of your story.