What would you do with a TV budget?

When I’m in my house with my family sometimes I’ve got no choice but to passively watch the TV (anyway, can even somebody watch the TV actively?) and I’ve noticed that in Spain, so many startups buy ads on TV… What a waste.
How much does it cost and ad? Well, I don’t even care, but what if instead of putting your resources into something useless and yell at people, you’d use that money to hire somebody whose only job is to come up with ideas to get publicity and implement them? That’d be cheaper and better (and fun!)
What if that person can get people’s permission without spamming them, and take the company to a whole new level?
Doing something bold is almost always cheaper that buying ads on TV.
But the challenge here is to challenge the status quo and take the leap, leaving behind the TV-Industrial practices. And a few companies actually do that.