The #1 marketing goal

The main marketing goal is to earn word of mouth. That’s all you need. But of course it’s more complicated that it seems.
Recently a couple of friends were looking for a new phone, and somehow one of them started to get obsessed with Xiaomi, the Chinese brand.
And after hanging out with him for a couple of times, he was the proof that one person can spread an idea faster than anybody else. He was a clearly an early adopter and for the last two weeks, every time I saw him, he told something new he learned about Xiaomi’s phones.
However, he didn’t just tell it to me. He spread the idea to my other friends and to many more people. In the end, due his persistence, I would’ve bought a Xiaomi if I didn’t have one.
Also he had a good story about the phone. He said: this brand has put the advertising’s budget into making the product better. So with all these millions they’ve done a cheaper phone with incredible specs. I don’t know if that’s even true, but the question that follows is usually this: Why would I spend three times the money to buy an iPhone?
That’s good marketing. And the proof of the power of word of mouth.
A great product. A remarkable story. And somebody willing to do the marketing for you.
That’s all you need.