Are you an entrepreneur or a freelancer?

In 2011 Seth Godin clarified the main difference between entrepreneurs and freelancers in an interview:

“A freelancer is someone who gets paid for working (a graphic designer might be a freelancer.) That means the more you worked the more you get paid.
“An entrepreneur gets paid while they sleep. They build a business bigger than themselves, and she gets paid even when she’s not there. She uses someone else’s money to get big. When freelancers act like entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs act like freelancers chaos ensues, it’s not a good idea.”

Seth Godin

The main thing is that—specially with entrepreneurs—you sign up for a series of challenges, therefore, you’ve got to be really clear whether you do things by yourself or not.
Freelancers work things by themselves, they can delegate but mostly they do the work and they get paid for it. When you sign up for being an entrepreneur, delegating is a need. Otherwise you’d be acting as a freelancer doing all the work by yourself.
The best thing you can do is to set a price to your working hours. Let’s say you’ve set it for $50. So, beforehand, you say, everything that doesn’t require my personal touch and costs less than 50 bucks per hour, I’m gonna outsource it. Thus you can build something bigger than yourself.
That’s the entrepreneur way.
If you do it as a freelancer, you won’t create a business bigger than yourself. And that’s okay. You’ve just got to know the difference. Because when you try to mix things up with your freelance career, nothing good happens.
Before anything else, the first thing you’ve got to do is to decide whether you wanna be an entrepreneur or a freelancer (there’s a fantastic book about this called Fast Track Photographer that I recommended in my Reading List). Then you get to decide which kind of business you want to build.
Because if you don’t, you’ll sign up for a painful road.