The challenge I use to push people who want to start blogging

A few days ago a friend of mine told me that he wanted to start blogging. Maybe a blog about traveling or a professional blog he said. And since I know how these sort of intentions end, I had to challenge him.
Most of the times this sort of ‘I wanna…’ ends up in that… just a thought. So knowing that what I did was to challenge my friend to start blogging… right away.
This is the challenge I proposed him:
1. Commit before you start.
Starting something and knowing that you’re gonna quit soon is stupid (see more in The Dip). If you’re gonna do it, do it, and stick with it. Make the painful decision before you start. Do you wanna write daily posts? Go ahead. Just commit before you start, otherwise you’ll end up like most people: quitting within the first year of blogging.
2. Find a name.
And a clear topic for your blog. Don’t procrastinate. If you don’t come up with something interesting, just use your name and you can, either find another one, or just use your real name as I do. You can change it later don’t worry.
3. Publish something TODAY.
It’s really easy to get started in WordPress or any other CMS.¬†Start simple, you don’t need a fancy website to get started. I used a crappy WordPress free site for the first few months and it worked.
4. Make a public commitment.
Use social pressure to push you and do the work. When you do that you’ll discover that social pressure it’s a great way to do stuff… Nobody wants to look bad in front of others!
5. Get into the habit of hitting the ‘publish’ button.
Once you get used to ship your work, it becomes easier to keep going. The way you do that is by publishing an idea a day. Or at least a few times per week. Thus, sooner or later you’ll see the benefits of blogging.
Bonus. Start understanding business writing.
It’s not about how to write longer paragraphs and use complicated words. It’s about writing simple with less words, and using the right structure in your stories.
If after this you don’t start blogging, it’s because you don’t want to.
I think if you really wanna start blogging you’ve just got to start.
The thing about blogs is that the cost of entry is so low, that everybody starts one. But most people stop blogging within the first year (or month!)
Anyway, my friend didn’t accept my challenge. And he won’t start anytime soon.
The main reason that he didn’t accept my challenge is because it’s uncomfortable. It pushes him to do something that’s out of his comfort zone.
Maybe the first step of the challenge should be acknowledging that the Resistance is stopping you.
If you wanna do it, you gotta do it now. Not tomorrow, nor a year from now. Right now. Tonight start writing something at hit publish.