How to create scarcity on anything

Scarcity is what drives today’s economy. In fact, economics is the Greek work for scarce. The beauty of being scarce is that (1) you can’t be easily copied, and (2) your product increases its value. Then, it’s easy to conclude that by being scarce your competition has a bumpy road to take you over.
The first thing you’ve got to answer in order to create scarcity is this:
Can you tell your story in a way that resonates with people and at the same time it solves their problem (not everybody’s problem)?
It can be loneliness so people want to be connected to others. It can be fear and they’re looking how to feel less afraid. It can be to impress somebody: their family, friends, boss… You can increase the list but these are some of the most common problems people have to solve.
How can you create scarcity on anything? That’s a hell of a question.
Beforehand, let’s point out the main problem every marketer faces today:
There are millions of options to choose from and nobody knows you.
That’s a problem if you base your marketing on interruption, but if you practice modern marketing that’s an opportunity.
While lots and lots of marketers are trying to figure out how to sell their products to more people, you, instead, are asking the right question: how do I make more products for my audience?
And that’s the way to create scarcity on anything:
Make products for your audience.
But that’s merely the first step. Because as you know too many good products never see the sunlight…
You need to make your product viral.
When I say to make a product viral I don’t mean to make it an overnight hit. I mean to build it in a way that spreads organically through the people you want to resonate to. And you do that by making products for your audience, and making them in a way that people will be eager to tell their friends.
That’s the way you become scarce. When your product works better people tell their friends about it. And that’s the key some social media platforms skyrocketed.
Think about email (or the telephone, fax machine….): it works better if more people use it, right? If you are the one and only with an email account it doesn’t make sense.
Make sure your product is viral in the sense that it can go from person to person among the people of that category. You don’t have to go big.
Following this path allows you to spend zero dollars on traditional marketing and avoid the TV-Mindset where brands and marketers end up spamming people.
All you need is to do is to resonate with one person, so he or she can do the marketing for you by telling to his or her friends how your videos solved a specific problem.
That’s the way you create scarcity on anything: making marketing for them (not to them) and make your products based on virality.
[P.S. This post is based on a guide I wrote on PaperKup called: Building brands that last (1/2): Creating scarcity on YouTube. Even though it’s based on YouTube the principles are the same for any industry. Check it out if you want to see in depth how to create scarcity on anything.]