Last minute deals

Last Minute Deals for marketers means that they spam people the day before their launch, and discover that nobody wants to hear from them.By doing that, the only thing they’re doing is spamming people and complaining because they can’t get people’s attention. And that’s because they haven’t done their homework.
Marketing can’t be done the day before the launch. It has to be done several month before┬áthe official launch.
And that’s the same if you’re looking for a job. You can’t start saying you’re remarkable when you happen you’re looking for a gig. It has to happen months in advance. You’ve got to be remarkable before you quit your job (or get fired.)
What happens is that people who are desperate usually end up doing the marketing the day before the launch, or the day they need marketing–hoping they will get magical results. And that only generates rejection and interrupts people.
Marketing takes time.
The marketing’s secret is that there’s not secret. There’s no magic potion to get people to like you in one day. That’s spam and it never works.
Mediocrity is easy. Good things takes time.