Pulling the thread

Ryan Holiday recently published a terrific book called Perennial Seller (I loved it), and when it comes to creative work he says:

“The key is to catch them [ideas] early. And the only way to do that is by doing the work at least partly in front of an audience. A book should be an article before it’s a book, and a dinner conversation before it’s an article. See how things go before going all in.”

I did this at Tarsye.
I started talking to some people about a case study about YouTubers. Which it turned out that people liked it. Then I started a collaborative book with experts talking about the relationship between brands and YouTubers, and that was when people started to be interested in this idea and my point of view against the TV practices on YouTube. Finally, the idea forced me to turn it into something bigger: a movement.
And for your project is the same.
Find a thread and pull it to see where it goes.
This has to start small and see if people join you, not otherwise.
Start small and think big.