Skater's secret

When I was a teenager a was a pretty good skater. And I remember that I downloaded a few videos (from some p2p service–there was no YouTube back then) to see if I could learn some tricks by watching them. It was futile. They did help me to understand the basics of the trick, but in the end I had to go out there and try.
The secret every skater knows is this: you learn by doing.
I remember spending hours and hours on one single trick.
I can’t count how many times I fell, but sooner or later, I did it.
That’s the way.
You quickly observe how others have done it, but immediatelyyou go out there to try. You try a thousand times. Try and fail. Until suddenly, in one of them you get it.
Too often we miss the part of going out there, and getting our hands dirty. But it turns out that it’s the only way to learn.
Do you wanna learn marketing? Go out there and market something. You learn marketing by doing marketing. You learn how to market by going out there, failing, and getting up until you learn.
Do you wanna learn design? See a couple of videos (books or any source of information) and get out there. Get your hands dirty and learn design by doing.
The same goes for anything in life.
Too often we stay in the ‘watching video’ phase, forgetting the ‘getting out there’ phase.
Go out there. Fall and get up.