The thing about weapons

What the TV-Industrial Complex promoted was this: pick a shotgun a shoot at everything.
If you don’t know it, a shotgun is good for short distances, because the bullet spreads in every direction. But as soon as you take the shot a bit far, it doesn’t work. You might get lucky, but nine times out of 10 you’ll failed.
On the other hand, modern marketing is like shooting with a sniper rifle. Since yoou don’t aim to the masses, you use your telescopic sight to aim accordingly and hit your target. In this case, you’ll rarely miss the shot.
Most companies when they think about marketing, the shotgun is the first weapon that comes to mind. Alas, there are still a lot of people with the TV-mindset.
However, companies that use sniper rifles are the ones that thrive.
Think sniper rifle and not shotgun.