When an engine doesn't work, check this one thing

Maybe you don’t know how an engine works, but despite all the parts that helps putting it into work, there’s a critical one that gets it running: the starter motor.
Basically, there are a lot of internal parts that helps to get it running, but all of these actions are futile if the engine doesn’t get an extra push. What the starter does is to spin some parts, so the engine can get an impulse from there. It’s just a little help at the beginning and then it stops, until the next time you turn the engine on.
It’s not the most important part, nor a lesser one either. The starter is the one part that gives the car a little push to start working. Without it, all the internal effort would be wasted.
Sometimes you think you can do everything by yourself. However, without your starter motor, you can’t even get started.
Maybe you have everything ready but, in order to put your engine to work, you’ve got to find a starter. Your starter.