When circles overlap

They say that more than 90% of startups fail. Actually I don’t know exactly the percentage, or even the source, and actually don’t really care. The thing is that most startups fail because they don’t overlap their circles.
You should care about two circles. The first one represents what you want, and the other one is what the market needs or wants.
The reason most startups fail is because they build a business that they want and push it to the market, without considering what people want.
Your business shouldn’t be what you want.
Your business should be where these two circles overlap. Which is the result of what you want and what the market wants. That’s your market.
If your circle doesn’t overlap with the market, stop doing that and start doing what works. Otherwise, you might contribute to the 90-something percent of failure.
It turns that that the failure rate of the startups that do overlap their circles is way lower than 90 percent.