Words and Actions: a brand story mismatch

This morning one of my sites crashed. I still don’t know what happened but I know one thing… saying that a company cares about you is not the same as actually caring about you.
To be honest, I got frustrated. I couldn’t open my site when I had planed to work on it for a couple of hours. And to my surprise I couldn’t even open the host provider site… So I had to call them to see if they could help me. So I was searching for their number and this friendly guy says that a support team (does he mean people?) is there for me 24/7. Great!

Then I call.
Nobody answers. A machine starts guiding me through a annoying four minutes process. With dumb questions and wasting my time.
After around five minutes the machine says…  All our operators are busy at the moment. Please hold. The waiting time is… 20 minutes.
What? I don’t have 20 minutes. Nobody does. So I hung up the phone.
Where is the friendly guy from the picture? I want to talk with him.
After acknowledging that nobody was gonna call me, I had no choice but to call again and wait.
The result: they didn’t offered anything in return for crashing my site (they admitted it was their fault), two hours of my time wasted and my word delayed.
And despite that, they wanted me to wait another five minutes to do a satisfaction survey with the dumb machine.
The truth is that none of this companies care about me. Nor about you.
And there’s nothing worse to any brand image than a story mismatch. That’s when a brand tells you something and ends up doing something different. They say they care about you that your call is important for us, but their actions tell otherwise. (Specially with banks.)
Time will tell. But brands that change their story every time there’s a problem, the problem will be for themselves.
It’s not about putting a fancy story in your about page. Great brands are built drip by drip. By doing the work of putting their words into practice.
Anyway, maybe the fault is mine and I should change my provider.