Yesterday's business

In a couple of weeks I’m going to publish a book called “What Should Brands Do with YouTubers?” (you can check it here) and thanks to this book, I’ve learned a lot about the YouTube’s industry. But I’ve also learned the reason some big companies are trying to enter into YouTube are broken. Which happens not only on YouTube, but in every industry.
You can take any industry you want. In all of them, there are always big companies that are sweating to maintain their yesterday’s business in today’s business.
What I’ve noticed while I was making some interviews for the book was that, there are a few big companies from the TV-Industrial complex trying to enter into YouTube. But their model won’t work, because their mindset is far away from the reality of the market.
Alas, that happens in every industry.
They won’t change. They don’t want to because they’re quite good at yesterday’s business.
It turns out that’s easier (and painful) to sweat and stay with the status quo, than embracing change.
However, the world changes, and change is faster than ever before. And what worked yesterday doesn’t work today. Not anymore.
Being good at yesterday’s business is a burden and useless. The only thing they’re good at is making stuff that doesn’t work anymore.
In order to have a agile company you’ve got to embrace change, even when that means stop doing what yesterday gave you millions of dollars.