The 3 step advice I give the most to companies that want to level up

One of the best things of having a blog is that people know who you are. And I don’t mean they know your face, more than that they know what you stand for, your thoughts and the change you seek to make. And because of that (among other things-link) I encourage you to start blogging if you’re not already doing it. In addition, when people start knowing you, you start to surround yourself with people that also want to make a difference.
As a side effect, I think that’s why I try to only speak with people that want to make a difference and level up. So, when these people ask me for advice I know exactly what to tell them. They don’t want to hear the latest technique on how to gain more followers, but a way to make a difference in the world. And this is the strategy I share the most with companies:

1. Connect people between each other

Arrange meetings in your office.
Make sure every meeting of every community within your industry happens in your office. As often as they want.
Let people connect between each other (forum, specific section in your CRM, facebook group…) so they can feel as a community.

2. Earn trust

What sooner or later you’ll face is that the key is not to have a great product, but to build a permission asset.
A permission asset is what allows you to have “the privilege (not the right) to deliver anticipated, personalized and relevant messages to an audience that wants to get them.” (Seth Godin)
When you connected people you have the possibility to earn their trust. You can be the connector they need. And here is critical to get a way to connect directly with them.
The best way I know is email. If you see the conversion percentage compared with any social network, email is at least 10 times better.
Build your permission asset. Make your own email list.

3. Teach others what you know

Being the leader of your industry means that, thanks your connections and trust, you can set the standards.
You can be the one that people pick and go when they have a problem.
Start a blog. Publish a book. Make a course. Upload videos to YouTube… Teach people what you know.

· · ·

As you see it’s pretty simple. But not so easy to put into practice.
Now it’s up to you. To stand up, and make the change you seek to make.