5 monkeys, a ladder and cold water

A few decades ago, a group of scientists ran a study where they placed five monkeys in a cage with a ladder in the middle and bananas on top.
The thing went like this: every time a monkey went up the ladder, the scientist throw cold water to the rest of the monkeys.
Monkeys needed a few times just to learn that going up the ladder and get bananas meant getting soaked in cold water. So every time one on the monkey tried to go up the rest of the monkeys grabbed the one trying to climb.
Scientists replace one of the monkeys with a newbie that, of course tried to climb up the ladder, but the rest of the monkeys didn’t allow it. And after a few beatings new monkeys learned to not climb up the ladder to get bananas.
Here’s where it gets interesting. From the original five monkeys that first received the cold water, they kept replacing them one by one, and all of them grabbed the ones that tried to climb up the ladder. But when they replaced the last monkey that received the cold water, and introduce another newbie, the other four monkeys grabbed this one when tried to climb.
This means that all the monkey now haven’t received the cold water, but they still don’t go up the ladder to get the bananas, without knowing what actually happens.
Monkeys followed an assumption. They took it for granted, but none of them actually knew why.
This is where I’m going with this: In your own life, where are you following assumptions you don’t actually understand?
That’s a hell of a question, but if you dive deep, you’ll find things that actually stop you from getting where you want to go.
Sometimes the best way to identify them is to challenge the status quo. What’s the worst case scenario? Getting soaked with cold water?