Breaking the law

Yesterday before hanging out with a friend in Madrid I decided to take a couple of hours to go to a park and read a bit. It was sunny and the temperature was perfect.
On my way out, I saw a clearly shortcut to ho out that would save me at least 20 minutes, and even though I saw a signal that you couldn’t pass that way I saw a guard and I thought he would understand. Because it was a closed park and only two entries on opposite directions.
When I approached him and told him that if it was okay he said… This entry is closed from people of the park. That’s the rule.
He didn’t let me go out through that door (which was open) and the situation was stupid. But, hey, he was told that he shouldn’t let people go through that door so he followed the rules.
That’s what most managers do. They have a script and follow it. No matter how nonsense it looks the situation and keep with it.
On the other hand, leaders and remarkables have a script. But the difference is that they follow their judgment and if the rules need an exception they change it.
We need more people breaking rules.