Building a house from the roof

Try to ask this question to somebody: Where do you start to [fill the gap]?
Most people automatically say… Start from the beginning. That’s the classical saying. It’s like building a house. You start building it from bottom to top, right?
What if you do it the other way around…?
In Spain we have a saying about that: Empezar la casa por el tejado, which literally means starting a house from the roof… In English would be like putting the cart before the horse.
However, if we’re talking about storytelling (which includes brand building–and businesses!) I think the right way is to do (or at least plan) it backwards. Because things worth doing start from the end. You’ve got your story. You study the end game. Then, you plan it backwards.
You start from the end, and plan it from there.
If not, next time you go to the movies you’ll see that most movies starts by the (almost) end.
That strategy isn’t only for movies.