Burn the boats

Let’s be honest. Succeeding at something is difficult as hell.
You can easily succeed though. But if it’s easy, it’s probably not worthy.
The thing is that success is about getting out of your comfort zone. And I know you’re probably tired to hear that, but think about it. Think about your successes in life. Did they come easily, or you had to go out of your safety zone?
I bet you had to push yourself to do something. And that was uncomfortable.
Maybe, if you feel stuck, it’s because you’re not getting uncomfortable. And perhaps there’s one thing you can do about it.
I don’t recommend this to everybody, but if you want something bad enough and want to give it a try, burn the boats.
Of course, the more you have to lose the more difficult it will be. But doing something, and knowing that you can’t go back, makes you aware of your situation, thus you start finding your way out.
Sometimes burning the boats is the only option to go where you want to get. It’s not for everybody, and it’s painful… But it’s worth it.