The feeling that gets you out of bed at 5am

Panic. That’s the feeling you have when you’re doing important work and the deadline is coming.
That feeling is growth.
There are two reasons why I love deadlines: (1) They push you to do the work (especially when you make them public), and (2) they force you to focus on the important stuff (not urgent.)
And that’s scary.
It’s scary because it puts you on the hook, so you have to options: succeed or die.
That’s what gets you out the bed at 5am.
That’s what keeps you at home during the weekend, while others are partying.
That’s the tension that forces you to keep working and come up with more ideas (because you can’t stop thinking about it.)
But, hey, that’s how you grow.
Put more deadlines in your calendar, make a public commitment, and grow. Feel the panic.
That’s when you do your best work.
Go. Sprint and ship it.