Does it grow like weed?

When I’m in Madrid I usually go to visit a friend that lives in a house far away from the city center. And I love it there. He’s got a lawn where you can walk and enjoy the space. But one of the things I didn’t consider is the problem he gets when undesirable weed starts to grow.
Apparently, he’s got a leak in one of the pipes connected to the sprinklers. He didn’t notice until he saw this huge amount of weed surrounding the pipe and it has extended way far from he would expect it.
And now it’s going to take a while until he gets rid of them…
I like this idea of something growing like weed, because it’s an interesting place for you to start. You can start growing your idea in a place where no one else is looking. Point is, it allows you to grow in the obscurity until your idea spreads. And by the time your competitors notice you, it’s already to late.
Can you release an idea that spreads?
Can you do it while nobody notice at the beginning until it’s too late for your competitors to do something?
Great ideas are like weed. They grow in places where nobody expects them to grow—and when you want to take them over it’s already too late.