Hope is for losers

This morning I was on a bus when someone gave to a 20-something guy one of the worst advice I’ve heard recently… ‘Hope is the last thing you lose.’
Okay, sometimes it’s a great advice, but I think in most cases it’s a bad one. I believe hope is for losers.
Sometimes you’ve got to lose it, and see the brutal reality. That’s when you realize that, instead of hoping, you’ve got to make your own hope, and move things forward.
That 20-something guy was looking for a job, but he said he didn’t get any reply.
It’s crystal clear to me that he’s just waiting until someone tells him what to do. He’s hoping for somebody to pick him. And that’s not gonna happen. Even if it does, you can bet the kind of job he’s gonna get.
Maybe he should lose his hope and acknowledge his reality, then do something about it.
That doesn’t mean sending more cvs to jobs@ email addresses.
There are times when losing your hope and challenge the status quo is your only choice.
Go. Lose your hope.