Ideas worth nothing. Do they?

I believe that ideas without execution worth nothing. Because an idea needs time to be baked, and if it doesn’t move around it doesn’t matter how great it is.. Eventually it will die. However, saying that ideas worth nothing in general is a total different thing.
I remember once when I was looking for a job, I gave to the CEO of the company I was trying to get hired some ideas to level up his business. And this is what he said to me: “I value ideas a lot less than proof that you can successfully complete them.”
I think this is an interesting debate. So let’s dive deep into it.
Derek Sivers has a post (also video) where he explains that ideas are just a multiplier of execution (if you don’t get it with this picture, read his post):

And I think this reasoning it’s actually true. If you’re launching a business, ideas doesn’t matter that much. In the end you’ll change the plan within the first contact with the customer.
I believe ideas worth “nothing” when you’re hiring managers. And here we’ve got to consider a slightly difference between managers and leaders.
Managers have employees.
Leaders have followers. 
If your company is looking for a manager, that means looking for someone who, deep down, doesn’t care about the people she works with, and she’ll try to replace your employees for cheaper ones (or “automate them”). In that case ideas worth nothing.
Leaders… Leaders have followers. So if you’re looking “to hire” leaders, are you doing it because you don’t care about people? Of course not. If you look for leaders it’s because you want them to lead their followers, what others call, employees.
So, do ideas worth nothing?
I’m not so sure…
This is especially important for marketers. And here we should point out that everybody is a marketer.
The key lesson here is (if you’re hiring, pay attention): You don’t win because you have a better product. You do win because you have better marketing. Marketing is all about ideas. Marketing is about spreading ideas. Let me put this simple: who has the best idea wins.
People won’t pay attention to average ideas. And by average I actually mean mediocre.
The future belongs to marketers who spread ideas.
Today you can’t buy attention. So the only way to cut through the noise is with great ideas. And of course execution matters. But guess what, who do you think followers (a.k.a. employees) will follow? They’ll follow leaders with great ideas worth fighting for.
And customers (should we call them brand evangelists?) will follow those followers that set the standards in the industry.
Ideas without execution die. But execution with terrible ideas will backfire you.
Do ideas worth?
You betcha.