The most popular (and easiest) way to make a hamburger

There are some periods of time when I love to learn cooking skills. And that doesn’t mean I’m good at it, I just enjoy. Nonetheless, as far as I know, you can easily identify amateurs from professionals, because you know that a cook or chef is cheating when she uses a lot of salt and oil… That’s cheating.
A few weeks ago I was watching some videos on YouTube, and let’s be honest, YouTube is a terrific tool to learn how to cook. So I started to search for some videos and Chef Ramsey appeared first. It seems he’s one of the most popular one.
Then I found a video on how to cook the perfect hamburger. The truth is I wasn’t going to cook a hamburger but I watched it anyway. And the steps were like this:

(1) go get the meat, put a lot of salt on it,

(2) get onions, tomatoes and a bunch of vegetables.. put a lot of salt and oil on them,

(3) put the meat on the grill and add salt and oil,

(4) five minutes later open to check the meat, adding more oil and salt on them, and add the rest of the stuff,

(5) get the bread and add some salt and oil (or butter), then put it on the grill.

(6) Finally, get the meat and the other stuff, add a final touch of salt and oil and put it on the bread gently.

That was his recipe to make the perfect salty/oily hamburger.
And people that follow his instructions love it. Why? Because by cheating with salt and oil, they get the results they want. And let’s not mention if it’s healthy or not.
That’s what they sign up for.
When you start to learn from the most popular experts that aim to the masses, that’s what you get. A lot of salt and oil to make your hamburger the best one. However, cheating doesn’t work. It only “works” for the popular expert that sells these sort of recipes because lots of amateurs follow those instructions. That expert is lowering the standards for people that don’t want to make the effort of doing the right work.
Being popular doesn’t mean being the best.
Alas, most people follow the easy-path advice and that’s when you end up interrupting and spamming people… wondering why everybody’s ignoring you.