When you sign up for a painful road

Day in and day out we see how people talk about the importance of making change, but few of them actually do something.
Sometimes, in order to make change happen you’ve got to make some sacrifices, but that’s it. It’s part of the game.
Let me give you an example where most people would’ve quit.
At my other site, Tarsye, we’re on a mission to confront the TV-Industrial Complex corrupting the Internet. I know it’s not an easy road but I’m willing to do everything it’s on my hands to move things forward.
One thing that I decided early on was to publish everything (including a book) in English and Spanish. The decision seemed a bit of a hassle but it was okay. Now with several thousands words already translated it’s even more painful than I expected.
It takes a big chunk of my energy and time to do it, but the sacrifice is clear. If we do this, we can spread ideas to the Spanish community too and that might make the difference.
Is it painful the “making change” road? You betcha.
This is just one small sacrifice along the road, but if you really believe if something, you’ll be willing to make sacrifices to move things forward.
This goes against any MBA reasoning, but deep down if you know that’s what you want to make, go ahead. Move things forward. It’ll be worth the time.