Spammy employee

This morning I was checking my LinkedIn Feed, and at least I saw three profiles with spammy company’s posts. Irrelevant and unpersonalized messages from people that I knew. So what’s that about?
I asked one of them, and she said: my boss insisted… It’s part of the brand’s image.
A while ago I remember in a company I worked, somebody asked me to change the description in my LinkedIn profile so they could match their ‘identity’ throughout everyone that has their name on LinkedIn. And as you can bet I refused. For three reasons: (1) it was spammy, (2) it wasn’t gonna help me or them, and (3) no client or company should obligate you to put something in your private networks.
So from that point they didn’t ask again… not even spammy posts.
What these companies don’t realize is that by doing that, you’re hurting your “brand’s image”. People have a BS detector, so it won’t work.
Instead, companies could encourage their employees to share their thoughts on the projects they’re working on, maybe even they wanna share positive experiences they have at work.
People like to see stuff that’s behind the scenes, not so forced spammy message that a company is pushing through every channel and everybody.