Starting off on the wrong foot

A few years ago I was working at a startup, where they were running some interviews. And I remember exactly what happens when one of the interviewee appeared… My boss said Hey, look at this guy.. He’s coming in a suit… That’s starting off on the wrong foot.
Another time, I was working at a multinational. One colleague was running some interviews, and when one guy came in shorts he said… Hey, look at this guy… He’s wearing shorts instead of a suit… That’s starting off on the wrong foot.
Who’s right?
It doesn’t matter.
Each environment has its ideals and standards. So, your job is to acknowledge them and change accordingly. Unless it makes you change your essence and your story. That’s when you shouldn’t go to the interview, because you’ll be talking to the wrong people.
There’s no such a thing as starting off on the wrong foot, unless you don’t do your homework, because identifying the right people for your product is critical.
That means finding people that want to buy what you sell. People that want to hear your story whether you’re wearing shorts or a suit.