The market is selfish

Someone I care about is diving deep into a project, and clearly starting off on the wrong foot. He’s trying to launch a business and it’s been almost a year trying to develop a product that is not different from competition. And he’s trying to avoid the hard work, which is figuring out whether or not people would want to buy his product.
The market is selfish.
The market doesn’t care about your logo.
The market doesn’t care about how much time and effort it takes you to do that.
The market is really good at ignoring common stuff.
What they care about is whether you have something interesting to say.
Instead of spending a fortune on a commodity just to discover that nobody wants it, go to the market and test your thing. Get buyers before you even have a product.
Today is extremely easy to run tests. Email 10 people you know (the ones who would be your first customers) and try to sell it to them—and get paid. That’s when you’ll figure out if you’re on the right path. And if it doesn’t spread, you should start over.
The key here is this: do the hard part at the beginning, and don’t spend your time procrastinating with stuff that won’t get you closer to your goal.
Alas, sometimes the hard part is about listening and acknowledging that you might be wrong.