What's a logo without a story?

A while ago a friend of mine introduced me somebody who was working on a new project. We were at a bar and this guy started to tell us why he did some branding decisions for his project. The conversation went from the shape of the logo to the persuasion behind it. However, when I asked him what was the story and the promise behind all of it, he couldn’t respond.
It’s actually funny, after somebody has spend time working on a logo, website, strategy, you name it–when you get to ask hard questions like: What’s your story? What do you stand for? What are your assumptions of the world and how you want to impact it? What’s the promise you wanna make? Every time people respond with a you don’t understand it. With this guy happened the same. He said: you don’t understand it. This logo, website and product are developed in a way that would get people to buy from me.
What’s sad about this? That you can hear this sort of reasoning in lots of companies.
A logo is not important. (And of course that’s not a brand.)
Having a great website doesn’t matter.
And using persuasion techniques won’t be effective…
Until you do the hard work of having a story and a promise to make.
Then, you get to do those things that some people call branding.
It’s the story the one telling you how your logo/website/product should look like.
Your story and your promise are a compass. They will tell you where you should go, and how to get there.
Don’t spend a nickel on stuff without a prior understanding of the story. A logo by itself means nothing. It’s the story what fills those gaps and gives meaning.