Admitting you might be wrong

One thing I find fascinating from kids is that they don’t care whether they’re right or not. It’s something lesser that nobody should care about, however. It turns out that when these kids get to school they start to worry about being wrong, because that’d mean they had failed.
I admit it, I was wrong.
Even reading this sentence to yourself feels painful.
It’s hard to admit, but most people would never say they are wrong, and most people would never move things forward.
You know, it takes balls of steel to admit that you are wrong. Something that stupid and critical causes us a huge pain, so people constantly try to find ways to prove they’re right.
Once you take the leap of admitting that you might be wrong, the journey becomes easier. Therefore you’re not afraid to speak up and change along the way.
What’s the downside to admit you’re wrong? Exactly, nothing.