Are you burning bridges?

Yesterday somebody contacted me to see if I was hiring people for Tarsye (I don’t, not yet anyway). Actually I appreciated that she was direct, but when I said that I wasn’t hiring people she showed me her true self.
I think it’s great to be direct. She asked nicely, but as soon as she knew I wasn’t hiring she turned into spam mode. She said that if I knew somebody hiring for a marketing position I should recommend her (I don’t know her), and then she said good bye… That person burnt her bridge with me.
The lesson here is that we communicate with everything. What if instead she said “let’s keep in touch… If anytime you need help with this [whatever she does for a living] I’ll be happy to help”. Then, if here intentions are real, she should follow up.
When people act selfishly they don’t notice it, however. When someone is being selfish with them, they notice it within the first 10 seconds.
Being honest and generous is a soft skill—which it turns out to be your best asset to connect with other people.