Constraints drive innovation

Can you remember the last time you did something creative? I mean, you did something that you thought you couldn’t do it, but you overcame the obstacle. Think about that time for a second. You found a solution in a creative way… Why was it? I bet it was because you had some constraints.
When you have too many resources and too much time, you’re not creative.
Too often people complain about three things:

  1. Money

  2. Time

  3. People

There’s never enough money. Of course time is always an issue. And there’s always too few people working on a project.
That’s them. For us it’s different. You are smart enough to embrace these constraints and leverage yourself.
Constraints? Great. Go back to basics, focus on the essentials. What’s important about this thing you’re trying to do? Focus on that.
Once you’re able to focus on the important thing and do less stuff, you’re agile. Which means that big players won’t catch you. They can’t.
Work with what you have and release your creativity.