Digital marketing? Or multichannel marketing?

Why do we still talk about digital marketing? In the early days I could understand it but now, why?
Should we still be talking about digital marketing? Or multichannel marketing? Well, it doesn’t matter until some brands change their mindset prioritizing the message over the medium.
I think multichannel marketing is more appropriate, isn’t it? But either way that’s not the point, because that’s not the thing brands should focus on.
What I think most companies should ask themselves is how they can figure out how to create value (independently of the medium), and not ask how the hell they’re going to use social media—or any new medium that may appear—to push their products to an audience (TV mindset).
The digital part doesn’t matter—yes, it makes your life easier but that’s not what matters. What matters is creating value. Real value. For real people. Then the digital part doesn’t matter, because once you figure out how to create value, the digital marketing thing will take care of itself.