Fans vs. Audience

The other day I sent an email newsletter and it turned out that I missed one of the links. Luckily a few people wrote me back letting me know the problem. And even though it was a hurdle, I’m glad I could confirm that I have an audience backing me up.
I think there’s a difference between having fans and having an audience. It’s simple:

Fans end up being strangers.

Audience becomes friend.

A fan is someone that from time to time reads your stuff, but won’t miss your emails or write you back.
On the other hand having an audience is completely different. They are friends. They are eager to read your stuff, write you back, buy your books or anything from you.
I believe having an audience is what every creator should aim for.
When I messed that email I was worried, but I’m glad I did it so I could get my audience’s reply. I’ll try not to mess things up again though.