Legacy vs. Nostalgia

What entrepreneurs do is to build something bigger than themselves. They build businesses that could be run without them. And that’s when you realize that entrepreneurs who build something to cash out and leave out nostalgia don’t go so far. (Maybe that’s why 90%+ startups fail.)
Startups run by leaders always work on leaving a legacy behind and build something bigger than themselves. Something that would help more people. Startups run by managers don’t work to help more people, they just work to make the company’s money. And when they’re gone, best case scenario, people would remember them with nostalgia… That’s not a legacy.
When companies just keep their employees/customers happy in the short-term, they’re creating future nostalgia. And that’s not good.
On the other hand, the work worth doing is the one that will build a brighter future. And that’s hard… Because people who don’t follow you won’t understand what you’re trying to do, so they’ll ask for instant gratifications–especially investors.
Creating legacy and nostalgia might seem the same at some point but they couldn’t be more different.
Is the work you do leave a legacy behind? Will the wheel keep rolling when you’re gone? Or is your work selfish so people will talk about it as nostalgia?