Picking sides

Almost everything in our society has two sides. You’re probably picking one of them in several things in your life. And the problem with that is that it produces a misconception that leads to the wrong approach.
For example, there’s a huge misconception on creative people and non-creative. You’re either left-brain people or right-brain people. And whether you want it or not, our society pushes us to choose a side and stick with it. But, what about you could switch sides as long as you want? How about being left-brain some of the times and right-brain when you have to be creative?
Sometimes though picking sides is a cultural thing. It’s totally up to you to switch as many times as you want. And, the key point here, the fact you’re “a right-brain guy” doesn’t mean you can’t be “a left-brain guy”.
So don’t limit yourself with previous misconceptions that our society has integrated in our minds. The only constraints are within yourself.