48 hours to learn something new

It’s Friday evening, or early Saturday depending of where you are in the world. You might have been complaining about you lack some skills. It could be design, it could be programming, or you just simply want to start a blog. But what if you could solve that problem within the next 48 hours?
You don’t have to become an expert. You don’t have to master it. You just need to learn the basics and take it from there.
They say you can learn anything in 20 hours. So, that’s like 10 hours per day this weekend. Hmmm…
You can learn how to set up a WordPress blog and make the website you’ve always talked about.
You can learn basic design stuff that will change how you do everything. (If so, you might want to check this book.)
You can learn HTML and CSS and start understanding some programming.
You can learn anything you want. You’ve just got to start and commit yourself. And I think spending a weekend learning one new thing will pay off.
If you want it bad, you’ll do it. But if you prefer to hand out for the weekend, next time that problem shows up… remember this post!