Apple's biggest trouble

Apple since its beginning has had a clear way to stand out. They had a concept, a story, that leveled up the brand and made it one of the most valuable one.
The concept is simple: challenge the status quo and empower the individual.
That has been their concept of their story. It was since the¬†Macintosh¬†disrupting the computer industry, to iTunes, to the IPhone… you go down the list.
But today is different.
The big problem they’re facing right now is that they no longer challenge the status quo, and they no longer empower the individual.
Some might think it’s okay because they’re milking a cow for a really long time, and that’s getting them incredible cash flows. But people who dare to change a concept of a story… Oh boy, that’s big trouble.
The concept of a story is the true north for a brand. It’s a compass that guides and drives.
However, when you change your concept, people notice it. And what one day was passion and a cult, today is becoming to be just another option to choose from in a market.
Change the concept at your peril.