Find the best way and get real

It might turn out that you’re starting a project, and even if you don’t notice it, each day you’ve got to make small decisions.
You’ve got a destination and a road map, so each of those decisions are the ones that are driving you towards that destination.
The thing is that, some decisions seem small but over time are the ones deciding whether or not your project takes off.
Let me give you an easy and understandable example. Let’s say you want to travel to another country and clearly the best way is to travel by plane. There’s no doubt about it. At some point you’ll have to pick a flight to get there.
But right now you’re not in a big city where departures to that country happen. You’re at a small city, that has a small airport where you can get to the big city. However, flights are too expensive, you need to pay extra for your luggage and between waitings it’ll cheaper and faster to go there by bus.
So, obviously you don’t say I’ll book a flight to the big city because after that I’ll have to pick another flight. That’s ridiculous, isn’t it?
Well, in business happens all the time. People get enamored with the idea of choosing to flight from the beginning and that ends up killing their projects.
Figure out the right way to do it.
Often times the right way is not the greater one, but the best. And what I mean about the best is the easiest, logical and fastest way you get down to market, without putting at risk its future. That’s picking the bus and after that a flight.
It’s not easy but certainly it’s worth considering it. But what happens most of the times is that you might know the right answer, and you’re avoiding it.
Fear shows up and you hide by choosing the longest and complicated path. A path that could make sense at some point but not right now.
If you find any signal that clearly shows you that you’re hiding, get back to basics and focus on the essentials. Do the scary work.