How to keep in touch with hundreds of people

Sooner or later any professional who wants to level up has to do one thing: keep in touch with hundreds of people (even thousands.)
What happens is that is you don’t keep track with some sort of CRM—an spreadsheet can do the job though–you’ll only be really known by your friends, family and some a few others.
Well, you can solve that problem by keeping in touch with hundreds of people. And it’s not that complicated.
It’s basic marketing, top of mind, top of choice. But hey, don’t be spammy. This is not a dirty trick to get a quick payoff at some point.
This is a way to amplify your human nature, because it’s naturally impossible to remember and keep in close touch with so many people.
Since I started to travel a lot, I met lots of people. Really nice people. So there was a moment where I just couldn’t keep in touch with everybody. Not because sending a message or a quick call is time consuming–in fact it doesn’t matter that much if it is–but because I simply forgot.
So, some quick tips on building your CRM (again, it can be any spreadsheet):

  1. Schedule a reminder to contact that person again. Decide the interval of time and let the system alert you. If you do this on a spreadsheet just apply a date filter and sort them out.

  2. Remember Birthdays. Everybody loves when you take the time to say Happy Birthday! And it’s the right thing to do…

  3. Help and listen others. Nobody likes spam. Not in the online world, nor in the offline one.

  4. Keep track of the conversation. Have some sort of history so you can easily remember the conversation, and save time reading past emails.

Again, this is not a sort of hack to get others help you. This is a way to be able to keep in touch with people.
Start now, people will appreciate the effort.
PS Derek Sivers has three cool articles (from 2000!) about this—links below. Read them all, but even more important, start working on your contact list now:
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