How to make a Spanish omelette

It’s simple. You just need three basic ingredients.

1. Potatoes

2. Onion (or another stuff)

3. Eggs

Basically the process goes like this: (1) You peel some potatoes, cut them and put them into the pan. (2) After that you put onion on it and fry them gently. (3) Remove the potatoes and onion, break some eggs on it, mix it a little bit and put everything on the pan.

The process is pretty simple, but no Spanish omelette tastes the same. So you need to consider three things here.

First off, potatoes are what give consistency to the omelette. They are your raw knowledge, so you cook them until they get to the point.

Second, onions. Well, this is a personal touch. You can use any ingredient you want, and that’s going to be you special touch–the touch that your work yours and yours only.

Third, the most important part, you’ve got to make some eggs. Eggs are the opportunities and sacrifices you’ve got to make. They are the thing that separates you from succeeding.

You have your eggs (don’t get me wrong!). They are opportunities, and they’re not difficult to find. However, opportunities require sacrifices. And unless you break down those eggs, you won’t get to cook an omelette.