How to pick a good name for your business (and my mistake)

If you think you know everything about naming a business you might be right, but when it comes to practice it’s another thing. The truth is that I was wrong naming my business Tarsye. Tarsye is a good name for a mascot (as it is now), but it’s not good for a business. So today, I’ve changed the name to PaperKup.
A few thoughts on business naming:
First, pick a blank slate.
Second, it has to be easy to remember. Tarsye is a blank slate, and it has a great story behind it. The downside? People don’t really know how to pronounce it. And when people don’t know how to pronounce your name, they won’t do it. They won’t talk about your thing, because they don’t want to look stupid by not knowing how it should be pronounced.
An easy way to make it memorable and easy to pronounce is to pick English words or at least similar words.
Third, avoid confusions. When Jeff Bezos started Amazon he didn’t name it Amazon… It was Cadabra. After a few months he mentioned the name of the company on the phone, and someone understood cadaver. So he knew it was a bad name. Make it easy to understand and avoid confusions.
Fourth, don’t pick a name related with your industry. I know, I know… Everybody says is great, and search engines love it. Alas, you’ll confront two (big) problems. The first one, you can’t go off track. I’ve changed several times my plan (it happens) and every time I’ve been so glad that my name didn’t say what’s the thing I do, otherwise I couldn’t do it. If your name is you can’t use it to sell cereals. The second problem is how obvious and boring that name will be–you’ll be just another one.
Last thing, do whatever the hell you want to. It’s your name. It’s your baby. So trust your gut and go with it. Maybe you’ll be wrong, or maybe not, but that’ll be your decision.
The thing with Tarsye is that people don’t really remember it, and don’t know how to pronounce it, so they don’t take that risk and not mention it at all. Now with PaperKup that won’t happen.
PS I was inspired from a Seth Godin’s post. You should read it.