Shaping ideas

An idea is just that… an idea. The shape might be different but the core of an idea should remain in any shape.
Let’s compare books and blogs. Love them both. Each of them have a different way to show ideas, but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. They’re just that… different shapes.
When you write a book you have more leeway in the way you shape an idea. That doesn’t mean you can fill it with more words than necessary for its own sake, but a book gives you some attention leverage. Usually, when you read a book you put your whole attention on it. And that allows authors to write longer paragraphs and get deeper into ideas.
On the other hand blogs are quite different. You are a click away from email or Twitter, and that’s satisfying in the short term. So the blogger’s job is to shape ideas to this medium. Shorter sentences, less depth and more get to the point.
Are books better than blogs? or vice-versa?
That’s not the point. Because your job as a marketer–and yes, everybody is a marketer–is to shape ideas to a medium, while keeping their core.